The Kimono trend


I absolutely love this new trend!Im searching for the perfect kimono.
I love all the above from these beautiful ladies!Perfect,right?
Happy Happy Summer everyone!! Swim and laugh a lot. That's all we need.

see u soon


New Stuff

lipstick//ring//h&m necklace//dress//sunscreen body//sunscreen face//kings&queens elizabeth sugar shower gel & body butter

It's been a while once again.
Even if summer is here for good,even if sun is shining all day, I can't seem to get in the summer mood!
I want to travel away..Can't wait for that time to come!
I also want to increase my blog posts, (try more I know)
I would be happy to hear some summery news from u! ;-)
Wishing u a great July and happy summer days!!
kiss kiss kiss

see u soon


New in: Madame Shoushou Bikini

Well, I've got some great news!
In Thursday Im getting my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education!!
Im so proud for myself!!I'll remember for ever myself studying on my bed till really late.
But now everything is over!Im getting my degree, and i guess im ready for whatever it comes!
Im already working as a preschool educator, it's fun and hard at the same time.
So I thought why don't I get a gift for myself? And then this amazing little swimsuit showed up on my instagram page!(find my page here)
It's from madameshoushou and it fits perfectly! I love the color, the design, the little bow! Can't wait to hit the beach. ;-)

see u soon


Friday Wants

1.Sara designs wrap watch(175.43€) // 2.Thorton Pregazzi crepe dress(1.125€) // 3.Ek Thongprasert silicone & zirconia necklace(955.50€) // 4.Sophie Hulme envelope clutch(438.57€) // 5.JA heart ring(83.90€) // 6.Charlotte Olympia Sweet Dolly pumps(725€) // 7.JA V ring(75.51€) // 8.Maison Martin Margiela double finger ring(343.23€) // 9.Zara home pillow(19.99€)

Wanted to mention something quiet important that I didn't have the time to mention the days before.
On the 19th of May my blog turned 4 years old!!!
Im so so happy for this! But Im also sad I didn't had some free time to mention it..I realize that my free hours are being reduced day by day. I don't want to stop blogging cause this activity really makes my day!I'll have to try harder, I guess!
Anyways!!Im wishing u all some fantastic last days of May! Summer is nearrrr!!

see u soon


One step closer to Summer


Some inspo for the warm days which are about to come!
So happy that we got rid of all the knits and socks ;-)
Happy Saturday!

see u soon


I'm Alive!

Hey everyone!!!
It's been sooooo long since my last post!One and a half month? That s****!
I've been doing my thesis and it was really taking all my time away, always in conjuction with my 8hour job.
Things were like crazy in my mind+ my man is away in the army. How much can a girl take in?
Anyways, today I felt like the old days.. I took back my free (afternoon hanging with myself) hours
and I wanted to start blogging right away.
So here I am apologizing to you and my little bloggy.
Hope you are all had a great great April and an even more exciting May!
Days are getting warmer and warmer, and I cannot stop thinking about the beach days that are approaching!!
(the pic is showing exactly the place I wanna be for the 5(?) next months..)

see u soon



pics by us

Hey everyone!I can't believe it's been a month since my last post.Such a long time.I missed blogging.I want u to forgive my absence.And now let me start from the beggining.As I mentioned in my last post my boy got into the army so I lost my liveliness (boo hoo) and my photographer!He was the one,taking photos for my little blog.I needed sometime until I get the next one.But I think Im really close in choosing the one!
I'm also writing my final these days.The ''paper'' that's going to help me get my degree has to be ready in one month from now.At the same time I work at the nursery school.That is all.Im exhausted.But thankfully I see my little flower once in a while and get some courage.Ohh, I also love my new dungaree from Zara,what do you think??
Hope you are all having a fabulous spring!kiss kiss kiss

see u soon